Kate Murray

for State Representative

from New Castle/Rye


Re-elect Kate Murray


Highlights from the past two years:

I voted to support these measures which passed

  • Raise the minimum age of marriage from 13 to 16.
  • Debar vendors from working for the state if they violated safety concerns and the rights of workers.
  • Establish a commission to study the pervasiveness of foreclosures practices that violate state or federal laws.
  • Support the reimbursement costs associated with firefighters battling cancer
  • Prohibit discrimination based on gender
  • Prohibit conversion therapy seeking to change a person’s sexual orientation.
  • Expand Medicaid Coverage

Measures I voted against

  • School vouchers which would syphon public education monies into private hands including religious institutions and home schools.
  • The so-called Right to Work law which would have weakened the financial security of our New Hampshire workforce.
  • The so-called Marsy’s Law, which would have amended our state constitution and, instead of enforcing victim’s rights, would have compromised our judicial system, making it more difficult to prosecute offenders.
  • Establishing the viability of a fetus at 8-weeks.
  • Giving the Secretary of State control over local elections

While serving on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, we worked on bills to allow all prisoners access to second medical opinions, reform bail procedures.

I continue to work:

  • To maintain the unique character of our communities
  • To insure the quality of our education, protecting it from measures that would drain away public funds.
  • To protect our wetlands and shorelands by maintaining the their integrity and health.
Kate Murray, 38 Ducks Head, New Castle, NH 
Mark Epply - fiscal agent - 267 Brackett Rd. Rye, NH

As you press on for justice, be sure to move with dignity and discipline (Martin Luther King, Jr.) 

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