Kate Murray

for State Representative

from New Castle/Rye


Kate Murray is running for State Representative because she believes: 

  • Everyone deserves access to high quality education.
  • We should take our role as stewards of our environment seriously.
  • Respect and tolerance are much needed in government.
  • Access to health care is a right and not a privilege.
  • A woman's health care is a woman's business and not that of the government.
  • Our economic growth depends not on minor tax cuts but on a healthy infrastructure.
  • Tourism is a major driver of our economy.
  • We need to provide opportunities which will keep our young people in New Hampshire.
  • Businesses will come to NH not for the tax environment but for a strong infrastructure.
  • We must provide utilities in an economical and clean manner.
  • The effects of climate change will impact all of us living on the Seacoast.
  • It is time to raise the level of dialogue and decrease the amount of noise.
Kate Murray, 38 Ducks Head, New Castle, NH 
Mark Epply - fiscal agent - 267 Brackett Rd. Rye, NH

As you press on for justice, be sure to move with dignity and discipline (Martin Luther King, Jr.) 

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